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Save time and money.  Purchase archival frames for your 100x100 prints by clicking the images below.

These inexpensive, acid-free frames will help preserve your art prints with UV glass or UV acrylic.  Simply click the images below, and the frame retailer's website will open in a new window.  Some minor assembly may be required.  Artwork not included.

Nielsen Bainbridge Photo Frames

Nielsen Bainbridge Photo Frame
UV glass + archival mountboard

(disregard "opening size") 

14x11"       $28*
20x16"       $35*


Nielsen Bainbridge Archival Gallery Frames

Nielsen Bainbridge Gallery Frame   
UV glass + archival mountboard

(disregard "opening size")

14x11"       $25*
20x16"       $40*


BLKBLS Metal BackLoader Frame
Must select Premium Archival Framing Kit
for UV protective acrylic + acid–free
foamcore backing

7x5"       $16*

Nielsen Bainbridge Tuscany Metal Frames

Nielsen Bainbridge Tuscany Frame
UV glass + archival mountboard

(disregard "opening size")

14x11"       $19*
20x16"       $33*

*Frame prices are approximate and are not guaranteed.  If the frame you purchase comes with a mat (a board with a cut-out opening), simply move it to the very back to fill in the depth (or rabbet) of the frame.  I designed the 100x100 prints to fit standard U.S. frames without the need for a mat.